Guillotine is a young Israeli company specializing in creating wild humor quest & adventure games for PC and MAC.

The games proved to be very successful in Israel.

We are currently working on our third game in a line of three.

The first game in the line (‘Piposh’) sold more than 7,000 copies over a period of one year in retail sales, without reducing the original selling price.

Most of the imported games sell only half this number in Israel.

‘Piposh’ reached the fifth place in sales on the charts, for a few weeks competing with all the best games from abroad.

The humor, characters and the plot of the line are wilder than any other game currently on the market and also very unique. The ‘Piposh’ line actually turned into a cult.

‘Piposh’ is a detective adventure line – The first game tells about 13 weird guests thrown together aboard a cruise ship for five distressful days with a mad serial killer.

Bertie Piposh, an unskillful secondary Hollywood actor with an enormous ego, caught up by mistake in this tangled mystery of intrigues and cunning plots, he must save the day...(And also his skin). There are a few possible endings.

New developments and more murders occur each day in accelerated speed...

In addition to the main detective plot there are many past time games and activities where one can play, win money, Navy ranks and score.

All the ‘Piposh’ line minimum requirements are low so they can be played on weaker computers as well.

Some of ‘Piposh’ royalties' incomes are donated to the "Animal Rights Organizations".

Currently available in Hebrew, English and Russian.

To download Piposh in english click here!

To buy Piposh in english (wich is better 'cause you get all the stuff in the game's box) click here!

For Information, Ideas, Opinions, Anything, please contact Renan at: 972-3-5234971